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How do I add a minor?

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To Add a Minor

Note: only undergraduates can add a minor

  1. Download and complete the Add A Minor Request form (also available for pick-up at the Registrar's Office in University Services Building, 103)
  2. Take the form to your adviser and obtain his/her signature  
  3. Take the form to the chair of the minor department 
  4. Send the completed form to the Office of the Registrar
  5. The Registrar will notify the student and both the major and minor department of the decision

More information about minors can be found in Academic Policy 84-1 on the Registrar's web site. An excerpt from this policy is below: 

Departments offering undergraduate minors outline specific requirements in the current Undergraduate Catalog. Listed are the number of credits required (a minimum of 30 quarter credits, including at least 6 courses), necessary background course work, and specific guidelines regarding course content and level. No reduction in the required number of credits and courses is allowed except in the case of students who have completed the six literature courses in the University Honors Program. For these students only, a 29 credit English minor may be recorded with the addition of one 5 credit upper division English course to the six University Honors Program literature courses.

In general, the Catalog under which the student receives an undergraduate degree will stipulate course work to complete a minor. Should changes in curriculum prevent full satisfaction of minor requirements as specified in the Catalog, course substitutions must be justified by the minor department via petition. When a new minor is added to the curriculum it may not be included in the Catalog being followed for a student’s degree. In such a case the Catalog effective at the time the minor declaration form is officially filed will govern minor requirements.

Approval of the minor is indicated on the "Request for Minor" form. A minor is posted to a student's record concurrent with a first undergraduate degree only. All degree and minor requirements must be satisfied prior to such posting. A minor will not be posted after a first baccalaureate degree has been awarded.

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