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How to Calculate a GPA

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The College of Arts and Sciences developed a useful automated tool for GPA calculation:

This article explains the manual calculation process of grade point averages (GPAs).

Note to current students: Your cumulative, major and/or minor GPAs are displayed on your SU Online Program Evaluation. Note to former students: Your cumulative GPA is displayed on your official or unofficial transcript, but your program GPA is not on an official or unofficial transcript. Use the procedure below to calculate your major, minor, or last two year GPAs.

If a course is a repeat (as indicated by an R next to thecredits on the official transcript) , the credits and quality points from thefirst attempt are excluded, only the second attempt is used in calculation.

Procedure To Calculate Your Cumulative GPA: Multiply the number of credits for each course by the numeric grade achieved for that course (see below) to determine grade points. Divide the sum of the grade points by the total number of credits attempted. Note that W, I, Z, LW, (count letter grades A – F only). Example below.

To Calculate Your Major, Minor, or Last Two Years GPA: Follow the calculation process outlined below on just those courses that apply to your major, minor, or last two years of course work. Your courses and grades are listed on your unofficial or official transcript. You can find which courses apply to your major or minor by referring to the Catalog from the year you were accepted into your major. If you are a current student, you can verify the Catalog year that applies to you and the courses required for your major or minor by accessing your Program Evaluation on SU Online.



A- = 3.7

B = 3.3

B = 3.0 GOOD

B- = 2.7

C = 2.3

C = 2.0

C- = 1.7

D = 1.3

D = 1.0 POOR

D- = 0.7



Course & Credits

Letter Grade and Numeric Equivalent

Credits x Numeric = Grade Points

English 110, 5 credits

A (4.0)

5 x 4 = 20 grade points

Biology 200, 5 credits

B (3.0)

5 x 3 = 15 grade points

Art 121, 3 credits

C (2.0)

3 x 2 = 6 grade points

Total grade points =41 (sum of 20 15 6)

Total credits attempted =13 (sum of 5 5 3)

Total grade points divided by credits attempted equals GPA

41 divided by 13 equals a GPA of 3.15 (Note that SU does not round up)

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