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How do I access and use "My Advisees" on SU Online?

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“My Advisees” on SU Online


“My Advisees” gives advisers online access to academic and directory information about their student advisees. 


1. Access SU Online

2. Select Access Faculty Menu

3. Choose My Advisees

4. You will be prompted to login

5. From the My Advisees screen enter:

  • Student name, ID# or Social Security # (If you enter just one student, the advisee who matches your selection criteria will be displayed.
  • Adviser name (If you enter the adviser name only, all of the adviser’s current advisees will be displayed).  
  • Both student and adviser names

Information Summary and Access/Privacy

Once you've located the student, you can view links to the student’s e-mail address, and academic records information such as GPA, credit, and program information.  If a student’s name displays as a link this means the student has granted academic records access to a third party; a parent, for example. Click on the student’s name in order to display the access names and passwords.  The third party must provide access name, relationship to the student, and password before you share any information with them about the student.

If “Privacy requested” appears in the FERPA Privacy column this student has requested complete anonymity.  The student must come to Seattle University in-person and present picture ID to verify their identity before anyone can discuss or give them access to their academic records.

To View or Lift Restrictions

A checkmark will appear in the “Reg Holds” column for students who have one or more active restrictions. Select “RESTR – Student restrictions/holds” from the Action drop-down list box to view, and in some cases, remove restrictions.


Detailed Information

You may select one option (for a specific student) from the drop-down list in the “Action” column to access more information about that student:

  • TRANS – Transcript
    Lists courses and grades for the selected student and academic level.
  • SCHED – Schedule
    Displays student schedule information, by term.
  • PREV – Program Evaluation
    By selecting this option, a degree audit will be run for either a current program, or a selected “what if” program, and the results will be displayed.
  • TESU – Test summary
    Displays student test results (e.g., ACT, SAT).
  • APPT – Registration appointments
    Shows current and upcoming registration appointment dates and times, as well as drop and withdraw dates for the corresponding terms.
  • RESTR – Student restrictions/holds
    Displays current student restrictions and holds. Some restrictions may be removed by the user; for other restrictions the student will need to be referred to the appropriate department (e.g., Student Financial Services or the Registrar).
  • STAND – Student academic standing.
    Shows any current academic standing information for the student (e.g., honors, probation, etc.)
  • PROFILE – Student profile
    Displays student demographic information, including address and phone; also lists current and completed programs.
  • DOCS – Student documents
    Shows documents that a student may need to provide (e.g., for processing an admission or financial aid)

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