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Seattle University Registration Process

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Registration Process



Continuing Seattle University students are expected to register for the following quarter during Registration, usually in the sixth week of each quarter.  Students are issued registration access times which provide the earliest time at which they are eligible to register.  These registration acess times are assigned based on class level starting with doctoral level students and ending with freshmen. Students may add or drop classes 24 hours a day, seven days a week from the beginning of that access time until midnight on the last day to register, add/drop and change grading options, as published in the Academic Calendar.  All active matriculated students will be sent an e-mail from the Office of the Registrar announcing that registration access times are available for viewing.


Non-Matriculated Students

Non-matriculated students will also be sent an e-mail from the Office of the Registrar announcing that registration access times and restrictions are available for viewing on SU Online.  For the summer term, matriculated and non-matriculated students are assigned registration access times within the same week due to the lower overall volume of registrants for this term. For fall, winter and spring terms; non-matriculated students are eligible to register two-weeks before classes begin. Additional information can be found in Policy: Non-Matriculated Class Level (92-2).


Registration Restrictions (Holds)

Continuing students may have restrictions, or what some people call holds, placed on their account. Restrictions are available for viewing through an individual student’s account on SU Online. Possible restrictions include, but are not limited to, advising meetings, library fees, parking fees and outstanding financial balances.  These restrictions must be ended by the department who assigned the restriction before registration can proceed. 


Planning for Registration

The Course Schedule becomes available for viewing at about the same time registration appointment access times are assigned to matriculated students. Students are urged to consider course options thoughtfully and in accord with their overall educational planning. Many departments and/or schools place advising restrictions on some or all of their students to ensure that students consult with advisors regarding their educational planning. These restrictions must be lifted before students are able to register. For this reason, the week(s) before Registration have become known as “Advising Weeks.” Students are encouraged to review their course choices with their advisors before each quarter and to review their educational progress with their advisors at any time during the quarter.


Undergraduate Core Registration

The Core Solution Center is available during registration and the first week of each quarter for students who need help enrolling for closed Core classes. Students can also go to the advising office for their school or college for assistance.


For more detailed information about the registration process in general and about the Core Solution Center in particular please see the page: 7 Steps to Advising and Registration.


Please see the Academic Calendar for specific dates for registration and Course Schedule Availability for the current academic year.


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