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Will I graduate with honors?

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Academic Honors


Academic honors apply to undergraduate students only.  You must have a minimum of 90 graded credits (courses graded A - F) at Seattle University and at least a 3.50 cumulative grade point average to be eligible for graduation with honors.


Cum Laude                                     3.50 to 3.69 gpa

Magna Cum Laude                         3.70 to 3.89 gpa

Summa Cum Laude                        3.90 to 4.00 gpa

Note: The minimum must meet or exceed the gpa listed above (Seattle University does not “round up” the gpa).


Honors at commencement are based on your cumulative gpa at the end of Winter quarter since Spring quarter grades have not yet been received.    Honors are noted in the commencement program. You will receive an honors hood to wear in the ceremony and honors will be announced after your name when you walk across the stage.


Honors on your transcript and diploma are based on all Seattle University course work, including Spring quarter grades and any future quarter grades if you are commencing with deficiencies.


Please see the policy on undergraduate honors in the Academic Policies section of the Office of the Registrar’s web site.


To graduate with honors, your application for graduation must be submitted before the deadline, and if the above minimum requirements have been met, you are eligible for honors. 


To apply to graduate:

  1. Access SU Online
  2. Select Access Student Menu
  3. Select Application for Graduation

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