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Can I take a course pass/fail?

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Pass/Fail Grading Option


The pass/fail grading option is not available for graduate students.  

Undergraduate students are allowed to choose the pass/fail grading option for courses which will be used towards general electives or minors only (see note below). Core courses, college requirements, and major requirements cannot be taken pass/fail.

Only one course per quarter may be taken pass/fail and a maximum of 10 credits of pass (P) graded courses may apply towards a degree.  A minor can include a maximum of 5 credits graded pass (P) and/or credit (CR).

To choose the pass/fail grading option, a student must fill out a Registration Change-Petition to the Dean Form for approval, and must be approved prior to the add/drop and change grading option date of the term of registration. This date can be found on the Important Dates calendar on the Office of the Registrar web site.

If a student earns a D- or above in a course where the pass/fail grading option has been chosen, the grade on the transcript will appear as “P” (pass).  A failing grade will appear as “F.”   A pass (P) grade does not affect a student’s cumulative gpa, while a fail (F) grade will be used in the computation of the cumulative gpa.

Please see the Grading Alternative Modes policy on the Office of the Registrar web site under Academic Policies for more information.

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