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Can I repeat a course?

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Repeating Courses


Undergraduate students

If you are an undergraduate student,  you can repeat courses graded “C-“ or below.  You are limited to 3 attempts at a course.  The most recent grade earned (even if it is lower than the original grade) will be used to calculate your cumulative gpa.  The original grade remains on your transcript, but is excluded from your gpa and credit (if any was earned) is revoked.

Graduate students

If you are a graduate student, you must repeat any required course that is graded C- or below.  You are permitted to repeat a graduate course graded C or C+ but only once.  The grade earned the second time (even if it is lower than the original grade) will be used to compute the cumulative gpa.  The original grade earned stays on your transcript, but does not factor into your cumulative gpa.

Some courses are designed to allow multiple retakes.  See the course description in the Catalog or check the online schedule for specifics.  For example, certain music courses can be taken up to 12 times for credit.

Consult your Catalog or your program evaluation (available on SU Online) to determine if you have met the minimum grade requirements for your degree.  Core courses and general electives can be graded as low as "D-",  but Schools and departments have different requirements which you are responsible for meeting.

More information about Repeated Courses can be found in the Academic Policies section on the Office of the Registrar web site. 


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