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What are the minimum requirements for earning an undergraduate/bachelor’s degree at Seattle University?

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Undergraduate Degree Requirements

Minimum credit requirement:
Most Seattle University undergraduate degrees require a minimum of 180 credits. 

Exceptions to this requirement include the bachelor of arts in humanities which requires a minimum of 135 credits.  Certain degrees require over 180 credits: the bachelor of science with a major in criminal justice - forensic science specialization,  the bachelor of science with a major in criminal justice with departmental honors - forensic psychology specialization and forensic science specializations,  the bachelor of science in diagnostic ultrasound, and the bachelor of science in civil and environmental engineering with or without the environmental specialty.  Consult the Undergraduate Catalog for details on your major or degree.

Minimum gpa requirement:
An undergraduate degree cannot be earned at Seattle University with less than a 2.00 cumulative gpa.

Many majors and degrees require a higher cumulative gpa.  Consult the Catalog for details on specific majors or degrees.

Core requirement:
All undergraduate students are required to complete a basic program of liberal studies called the core curriculum.  For transfer students there could be a modified core depending on how many transfer credits are accepted by Seattle University.   Students earning a second bachelor’s degree at Seattle University also have modified core requirements.  Certain majors and degrees require specific courses for core.  You can view specific information about the Core curriculum in the Undergraduate Catalog.


College/School requirements:

Seattle University undergraduate degree programs are administered by the College of Arts and Sciences, Albers School of Business and Economics, Matteo Ricci College, the College of Nursing, and the College of Science and Engineering.    
Additional requirements for students in the College of Arts and Sciences includes a history course in addition to the core history course.  College of Arts and Sciences students must also demonstrate proficiency in a modern language through the third quarter level.

Other gpa and core requirements specific to individual Colleges and Schools can be found in the Catalog.


Major/Program requirements:
Major requirements vary by degree but in all cases the major credit total must be met as well as specific major gpa requirements.  All majors must meet a minimum major gpa of 2.00 with some majors requiring a higher gpa.  All courses required for the major including prerequisites and supporting courses from other disciplines are used in calculating the major gpa.

Consult your Undergraduate Catalog for specific information about your major and degree.


General Electives:
Most degrees require a certain number of general elective credits.  These courses do not satisfy major or core requirements, but do count towards the total credits required for the degree.

You can also refer to the Degree Requirements policy under Academic Policies on the Registrar's web site for more information.

Current Students:

If you are a current student you can view your program evaluation on SU Online. Be sure to check this document prior to and after registration every quarter to ensure that you are on track for graduation and the courses that you register for are applying to the requirements you believe they should.  If not, contact the Registrar's Office as soon as possible (

NOTE: (Matteo Ricci College students: the program evaluation is not available for bachelor of arts in humanities or bachelor of arts in humanities for teaching degree students, please see your department for guidance and advising).


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