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I received “content,” not credit, for a transfer course. What does this mean?

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Content Only

When “content” only is granted, a transfer course can be used to satisfy the Seattle University requirement, but the credit earned for the transfer course does not count towards your total number of degree credits at SU. 


Undergraduate Students

Seattle University has limits on how many credits can be accepted from another institution.  Once you reach junior standing, no credit from a two-year school (i.e., a community or junior college) will be granted.  Junior standing is reached when you accumulate 90 total credits.  The  total number of credits  includes AP (Advanced Placement) credit, IB (International Baccalaureate) credit, CLEP (College Level Examination Program) credit, and military course work credit along with any community college or university credit earned, including credit earned at Seattle University.


Credit from a four-year college or university can be accepted until you reach senior standing.  Once you reach senior standing, no additional credit from any other college or university will be granted.  Exceptions to this rule are allowed for students participating in approved Study Abroad programs and for ROTC degree credit earned at the University of Washington.    Senior standing is reached when a student accumulates 135 total credits.  The total number of credits includes all those credits listed above.

Once these above limits are reached,  “content” only--not credit-- can be accepted for transfer courses. 


If you have questions about how your credit transferred, contact your Student Academic Specialist in the Office of the Registrar.  Student Academic Specialists assist students based on first letter of the student's last name. Select the Student Academic Specialist assigned to your last name from the staff page on the Registrar's web site.


Some common transfer credit questions and answers:

Q:  I am a transfer student who attended the University of Washington for one year and then decided to go to Bellevue Community College to get my transfer degree.  I earned 45 credits at UW and 90 credits at BCC  for 135 credits total.  Why did SU give me only 90 transfer credits ?  I see the courses I took my final year at BCC on my Program Evaluation, but “0” credit was granted for them.


A:  Seattle University accepts transfer courses in the order they were taken.  Once the first acceptable 90 credits have been granted, no more community college credit can transfer to SU.   Courses accepted for "content" can be used to satisfy requirements, but the credit for these courses do not count towards your degree credit total. This is why you see those courses on your Program Evaluation with “0” credits attached.


Q:  I am a senior and plan to graduate in Spring quarter.  My degree requires 180 credits, and I will have 180 credits after winter quarter.  I only have one requirement left which I was planning to take Spring quarter, but I just found out that the course isn’t going to be offered again until the next year. Can I take this class at another school and still graduate at the end of Spring quarter?


A:  Yes.  Since you have met the minimum credit requirement for your degree you don’t need any more credit to graduate; therefore the content of an equivalent course at another school can be used to satisfy your last requirement.  Fill out a Transfer Verification Request form and submit it to the Office of the Registrar before you enroll in the course at the other university so that you will have verification of how the course will transfer.


Q:  I am an Arts and Science major and have 175 credits total.  My degree requires 180 credits.  I want to graduate at the end of Spring quarter and my final requirement is to take SPAN 135 to satisfy my modern language requirement.  I want to move back to Eastern Washington in March, can I take this class at a university closer to my home and transfer it back to SU and then graduate Spring quarter?


A:  No.  Once you are a senior (once you have 135 credits total) SU will accept content only, not credit.  While the transfer course could transfer in to satisfy SPAN 135, the credit would not transfer.  You must meet the minimum credits required as well as satisfy every requirement.  You would still need to take 5 credits at SU to reach 180 credits total.


Q:  My major requires 50 credits.  I received content only for a 5-credit course that I took at another school.  Does this mean I have to take another 5 credits in my major?


A:  No.  When major credit totals are calculated, content credit along with actual credit is used to compute the total.  If you have 45 credits in your major and a 5-credit course that was accepted for content only, you have 50 credits total towards your major.  Your major credit total on your Program Evaluation is adjusted by your Student Academic Specialist in the Office of the Registrar to account for content credit.  Content credit does count towards major credit totals but not towards your overall degree credit total.


Q:  I am a Civil Engineering major and my degree requires 192 credits.  Are the transfer credit rules the same for me?


A:  No. You can transfer in credit from a 4-year institution until you reach 147 credits total.


Matteo Ricci College Students

Transfer credit is strictly limited   Students must consult with their department, and approval by petition is necessary to accept any transfer credit.


Graduate Students

Graduate students must see their department for information about  transfer credit.  Approval by petition is necessary for any transfer credit.  Please see the policy on transfer credit under Academic Policies on the Registrar's web site for more details.

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