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How do I request an Incomplete (“I”) grade?

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Incomplete  ("I") Grade

An Incomplete, “I” grade, is a  temporary grade assigned by an instructor when a student is unable to complete all course work by the end of the quarter due to illness or other serious circumstances beyond a student’s control.


An “I” grade has no effect on your grade point average, and credit for a course with an “I” grade assigned does not count towards your total number of credits earned.


To Request an "I" Grade:  

  1. Consult your instructor before the end of the quarter if you are unable to complete the course due to illness or other serious circumstances beyond your control.   If an extension is approved, an “I” grade will be assigned to your transcript at grading time.  Your instructor is required to submit a provisional grade along with the “I” grade.  The instructor calculates the provisional grade by including all work completed to the date of final attendance plus a failing grade for all work and exams not completed.   The provisional grade will be assigned if the instructor does not submit a permanent grade by the deadline to remove the “I” grade .

  1. Be aware of the deadline to remove the “I” grade.  The published date is the date that the final grade is due to the Office of the Registrar.  Allow sufficient time for your instructor to review your work so that he/she can meet this deadline. The deadline to replace an “I” grade with a permanent grade must now be submitted by the faculty member to the Office of the Registrar by the end of the fourth week of the next.

Note: Once a degree is posted, removal of an “I” grade is not permitted.


To confirm that your "I" grade has been assigned or replaced with a permanent grade,  view your unofficial transcript on SU Online 

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