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How do I withdraw from a course or from SU?

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Withdrawing from a course or from the University

Graduate students and non-matriculated students may withdraw on SU Online.

Undergraduate students must use the Withdrawal Request form (available for download on the Registrar's web site, or for pick-up at University Services Building, 103) to withdraw from one course, all courses for the current quarter, or officially from the University.


If it's past the add/drop deadline you can still officially withdraw from one or more of your classes until the deadline to withdraw has passed.  A completed form must be received by the Office of the Registrar prior to the withdrawal deadline, and incomplete forms will not be processed. An official withdrawal from a course results in a permanent grade of “W” being assigned to your transcript.  The “W” has no affect on your grade point average.  If the course is required for your degree however, the “W” does count as an attempt at the course; you are limited to 3 attempts at a course.


To withdraw from a course or from the University 

1. Review the Academic & Important Dates calendar on the Registrar's web site to check what the deadlines are to withdraw and whether or not you are eligible for a partial refund of your tuition.

2.  If you are within the timeline allowed for withdrawal, download and complete the Withdrawal Request form. 

3. Make sure to check the appropriate box in upper right-hand corner of the Withdrawal Request form indicating whether you are withdrawing from some of your courses, all of your courses for the current quarter only, or withdrawing from the University completely.

4.  Obtain all signatures which pertain to your situation, and submit the completed form to the Office of the Registrar.  Processing your withdrawal will be delayed if the form is not completely filled out with all required signatures.  



Timeframe:  Allow one week for processing


Note the refund policy:  You may receive a percent of your tuition back based on the official date of withdrawal.  The official date of withdrawal is the date of the first signature by any official of the University, or the last date of attendance as verified by the instructor, whichever is earlier. Refund dates can be found on the Important Dates calendar on the Registrar's web site.


Confirmation: Check your unofficial transcript or course schedule on SU Online to confirm that you have been successfully withdrawn from your course/s.   

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