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How do I add a major, degree, specialization, or certificate

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Adding a Major, Degree, or Certificate


To add another major, degree, or certificate:

  1. Download the Addition of Another Major, Degree, Specialization, or Certificate form from the Office of the Registrar web site.
  2. Acquire required signatures
  3. Submit the completed form to the Office of the Registrar (University Services Building, 103).


Please be aware that adding a major, degree, or certificate are all distinct options. We recommend that you speak with your adviser before submitting the form to ensure that you have selected the appropriate option.  See the related article for instructions on how to find your adviser’s name and contact information on SU Online.


See the below list to see how your additional major, degree, or certificate will be displayed on your transcript and diploma:


2nd degree – both listed on transcript, two diplomas issued


2nd major – noted on transcript, diploma names the degree and then notes the additional major with an “additional major in...”


Minor – noted on transcript, but not mentioned on diploma


Dept. Honors – noted as a specific major on both the transcript and diploma. 

If you received a BA in English, and then applied and received dept honors, the transcript and diploma would note BA in English with Dept Honors


Specialization – noted on transcript, not mentioned on diploma


Certificate – noted on transcript and a certificate, not a diploma is issued, so a person getting a certificate and a degree get both a certificate and a diploma.

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