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How do I access and interpret student Program Evaluations? Is a student on track to graduate? What courses do they still need?

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Program Evaluation on SU Online

The Program Evaluation feature on SU Online produces an unofficial report of a student’s progress towards degree completion (also called a degree audit).  It is a valuable tool for students and advisors to use along with the Catalog in academic planning and course selection.  Download the attached graduate or undergraduate instructional guide to help you understand student program evaluations.

Note that this feature is currently not available for students in the Matteo Ricci College, the School of Theology and Ministry, or the College of Education.  Students in these programs should consult their Catalog and advisors for guidance.  

To access a student’s Program Evaluation:

1. Access SU Online

2. Select Access Faculty Menu

3. Select My Advisees under "Faculty Information"

4.  Login and enter students’ names individually, or enter your name to bring up a list of all your advisees.

5.  Under the Action column, choose PREV (Program Evaluation) from the drop down menu and submit.  You will have the option to run a program evaluation for the student’s current program or you can choose another program from the “what if” drop down menu; this is useful for students who are considering changing majors.

Questions about the Program Evaluation should be addressed to the student’s Student Academic Specialist in the Office of the Registrar.

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