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What are the differences between a double major and a double degree?

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Below are the main differences between a double degree seeking and a double major seeking student. For further information, refer to Second Baccalaureate Degree and Double Major (76-2).

Double Degree

  • 225 minimum credits required (*MRC students, see below)
  • Core requirements for both degrees must be completed
  • Major requirements for both majors must be completed
  • 2 Diplomas will be issued

Double Major (*MRC students, see below)

  • 180 minimum credits required
  • Core requirements for the primary degree/major must be completed
  • College requirements for the secondary major must be completed (i.e. College of Arts & Sciences requires the 15 credit Modern Language Series and an additional History course)
  • Major requirements for both majors must be completed, including any Core courses required within the second major
  • One Diploma will be issued with two majors listed

Which one should I or my advisee choose?

Students who wish to pursue a double major in two different colleges (i.e. Albers School of Business and Economics and Arts and Sciences) would likely benefit from declaring a double degree in lieu of a double major due to the fact that they will likely meet the 225 credits given the variation across colleges.


*Note that students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities may not select the double major option; they must select the double degree option and will be required to complete 180 credits for both degrees, not 225 credits.

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