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Seattle University Grading System

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Seattle University Grading System




Superior performance




Good performance




Adequate undergraduate performance; minimal performance in courses applicable toward graduate degree or certificate


Does not count toward graduate degree and certificate



Poor performance





An option chosen by the student at the time of registration. The instructor assigns a letter grade which will automatically change to “P” on the student’s transcript with a “D-” or better.


Used for courses designated by individual departments as mandatory credit/fail.

(No grade)

Used when a course, due to its nature, must extend beyond one term. Courses that may use this include internships, practica, independent study, thesis, graduate projects, research courses, linked-series courses, study abroad, and senior synthesis. This grade is given to the entire class. The course is set up for this grading option at the time it is created.

(Suspended Grade)

Used for 600-level courses in which work is not scheduled for completion until after the quarter closes.


A temporary grade indicating that most of the work in the course was acceptable although a critical portion of it was not completed because of illness or other serious circumstances beyond the student's control. During final grading, a default grade is assigned. A default grade is calculated by taking the grade for all work completed and adding a failing grade for work/exams not completed. If the student fails to complete the required work by the published deadline, the “I” will automatically be replaced with this default grade.

(Hardship withdrawal)

Assigned by the Registrar’s Office upon official approval of the student’s petition to withdraw from all courses for that term due to the death of a family member, catastrophic illness in the family, or an illness/injury to the student that incapacitates.


Assigned by the Registrar’s Office when a student has officially withdrawn from a class. If a student stops attending after the drop/add period, does not process a withdrawal form, and does not contact the faculty member, the appropriate grade to assign is “F.”

(Administrative Withdrawal -- Registered, never attended)

Assigned by the instructor to students who registered for a course but never attended or stopped attending and did not drop the course by the end of the drop/add period. Instructors assign this grade during the 10th day roster check and indicate “never attended” or, if appropriate, the last date of attendance. Returning students are charged a $100 fee for each Z grade earned. Students attending their first quarter at SU will not be charged the fee. *No longer offered at Seattle University. 

For complete details, see “Grading System” in the Academic Regulations section of the Catalog. For I grades see policy 75-22; for N grades see policy 75-19; for HW, W, and Z grades see policy 75-22 located in the Academic Policies section of the Registrar’s web site at

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