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Student Provided Access in SUOnline

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What is Student Provided Access Authorization?

Student Provided AccessAuthorization allows students to give a thirdparty, such as a parent or guardian, full access to their academic and orfinancial records. This permission is effective during the dates listed onlineand access will be given as long as the third party can provide the access wordassigned. Academic records may include academic performance, class schedules,grades, and grade point averages. Having access to financial records allows authorizedusers to access billing, financial aid, and payment options all online. Thereare varying levels of access which a student can pick and choose from, such asverbal or electronic consent. Please note that although a person may haveaccess to this information, FERPA rules still apply. Therefore, the release ofthis information to a third party will follow the standards and practices ofeach office that is responsible for maintain that portion of the student.

If you are interested in looking at a step-by-step guide with screenshots, click here.

  1. Log into SUOnline
  2. How can someone have or grant Student Provided Access Authorization?

    A student must grant access via SUOnline:

    1. Log into SUOnline
    2. Access the Student Menu
    3. Under User Account, select Student Provided Access Authorization
    4. After reading the info box, accept the terms and submit
    5. Either select an existing relationship or add a new person not shown then submit
    6. Read through the types of access and select the access you wish to grant this person and enter the access word that the third party will need to verify their identity then submit
    7. The next screen, if successful, will show a Permission Summary
       the third party will receive an e-mail detailing the information that they have added to the Student Provided Access in 1 business day.
    8. Hit OK to return to the Students Menu

    Setting up your Student Provided AccessAuthorization for the first time

    1. Select visit the password reset website on SUOnline, or navigate to
    2.   Enter the alias (LG-XXXXX) and temporary password provided by email. Select “Login.”
    3.   Change your password by typing in your assigned user name (LG-alias) and provide a new password to replace the temporary password. Leave Current Password blank for this step.
    4.  Select “Enroll” and answer the security questions.

    How to loginto Student Provided Access Authorization

    1. 1.    Log into SUOnline using your existing alias(user name) and the password you selected

    Change Passwords for Student Provided Access Authorization

    1. Navigate to
    2. Select“Change Password” from the navigation menu on the left.
    3. Enter the alias (LG-XXXXX) and current password. 
    4. Enter and verify your new password. 
    5. Select “Change Password.” After completing thisstep, you will get a success message, “Password changed successfully.

    Forgotten Password for Student Provided Access Authorization

    1.  Navigate to
    2.   Select “Reset Password” from the navigation menu on the left.
    3. Answer the security questions with the answers provided during enrollment.
    4.   Enter and verify your new password.

    View your access word for Student Provided Access Authorization

    1. Log into SUOnline
    2. Select View Your Access Word from the menu

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