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What is on my official transcript?

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Below is everything that is on a Seattle University official transcript, separated into the sections and the order it is on the transcript.

Name, city, state, zip of the university.
Legal name of student, (last, first, middle)
Student ID number
SSN: Last four digits only (ex: XXX-XX-1234)
Page number of transcript: 1 of 2, 2 of 2, etc.
Print date: the date the transcript was printed
Academic Level: Undergraduate, graduate, etc.

College/School: Arts & Sciences, Nursing, Science and Engineering, etc.
Program: Major (s), Minors if applicable
Or, if graduated:
Degree/Certificate (BS in Biology, Bachelor of Arts, Certificate in Pastoral Leadership)
Date degree conferred (degree completion date)
Degree honors, if applicable (ex: Magna Cum Laude)
Program: Major (s)
Minor (s) if applicable
Specializations, if applicable

Previous Institutions attended, with general dates attended . Total number of transfer credits accepted if applicable, degree earned if applicable

Tests/Other Credits Accepted:
AP scores/credits, etc.

Course ID’s and titles, credits and grades by term, with term start and end dates.
Grade points, term GPA and credits attempted and earned listed under courses for each term
Probation, dismissal, reinstatement or academic suspension listed under term status is assigned.
Total credits of each type, (SU, transfer, tests) overall credits, and cumulative GPA. Program GPA is not on an unofficial or official transcript, the only way to calculate a GPA for a specific program is by hand calculation, using the catalog to select the coursework to combine for the GPA calculation. For how to do this check out our "How to calculate a GPA" frequently asked question.

Issued to: Name and address of person transcript was issued to, “pick up by student” if transcript ordered to be picked up.
Seal of university, signature of Registrar

Back side of transcript is shown in the attachment below. Security features and text are added to both front and back of transcript and are not shown here.

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